5 hilarious ways women calculate and manage money

Girl math is how women manage their finances, spend their money, and generally what they think of money, while girl dinner refers to what women sometimes choose to eat, usually junk food or nothing at all. We'll talk about girl dinner another day.

5 hilarious ways women calculate and manage money

Let’s get into instances of girl math:

For many women, if the amount of money they have in their bank account is not a round figure, they can spend it however they like. It’s like the unrounded figures are for miscellaneous expenses like data, airtime, snacks, and other things. So, if she has 255,000, that's 55,000 free money to spend.

Nigerian savings apps like Piggyvest and Cowrywise have published reports that women save more money than men. Women lock their money and never want to touch it; come rain or shine, once it’s locked, it ceases to exist.

Instead of spending your own money, spend other people’s money; that’s a cardinal principle of girl math. As long as it’s not your money, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is. So if you see an expensive wig you can’t afford, just get someone else to buy it for you. If you have a craving for an expensive meal, go out with a man who will pay.

This point has to do with calculation and not money. Women who want to lose weight are usually counting calories and watching their diet, but once it’s the weekend and they have parties to attend, they forget about counting calories.

Also, being on your period can come with its cravings, and many women think it’s some sort of cheat code to eat whatever they want; it doesn’t count, according to girl math.

Budgeting is only for money in your bank account, according to girl math. If you have a lot of cash in your hand, you can spend to your satisfaction and not think about a budget.